Alison Chippindale

I offer both business development and marketing services, a unique dual service in today's challenging marketplace. Together they provide an integrated and holistic approach to work winning and business success. This approach is very cost and time-effective for my clients - one consultant, many interlinked services, which inform and impact on each other in multiple areas of your business. The result is a stronger work winning culture.

I improve your business performance by delivering hard results:

  • Retaining your existing clients – and winning more projects from them
  • Building relationships with new clients – and winning new work
  • Improving your tendering success – and the systems to maintain a high hit rate
  • Levering your collaborative relationships – and maximising your positioning and profile.

I achieve these by working with your people to deliver soft results:

  • Developing and harnessing the passion and energy of your people
  • Uncovering hidden talent and giving it direction
  • Developing winning behaviours and attitudes
  • Systematising winning principles and approaches and integrating them into your processes.

The resulting changes in attitudes, skills, tools, systems and processes become embedded - winning work becomes easier and more cost-effective.

"Alison's input is both creative and disciplined. Her ability to analyse, understand and focus on key issues and opportunities around our business was outstanding. Her ability to turn the soft stuff into hard outputs was also great - she bridged the gap between the creative bits and implementable actions extremely well".